IIT-MEDLIFE To Participate in Medical Brigade in Peru

The IIT-MEDLIFE chapter has raised $26,000 to send 14 IIT students and one faculty member to a mobile clinic from May 18-26 in Lima, Peru. The money was raised through Armour College of Engineering (Engineering Themes Grant), Student Activities Fund, College of Science Dean Russell Betts, and anonymous donors.

During the medical brigade, participants will work alongside local healthcare professionals to provide free medical services and educational events regarding hygiene. The different areas of exposure include dentistry,pediatrics, pharmacology, gynecology, nursing, and internal medicine. One of the most popular hygiene events is tooth brushing – teaching children how to brush their teeth for better oral health. The students attending the brigade will analyze the conditions and difficulties facing the Peruvian communities and use their education to design solutions to these issues through an IPRO that will occur every Thursday from 1:50-4:30pm. If feasible, Terry Mulligan, Director of the Tanzanian MEDLIFE National site, has agreed to assist in the implementation of the solution(s) in the areas that MEDLIFE serves. IIT-MEDLIFE will organize an information session in the beginning of the Fall 2014 semester to discuss the IPRO and the students’ experience during the brigade. Students of all majors and levels of education are encouraged to attend.

“We want to bring healthcare to those who do not have access to it.  This is a great application of an IIT education to real-world problems,” said Mary Thomas, president and co-founder of the IIT-MEDLIFE chapter.

The chapter invites students from all majors to apply to attend future trips. Students who are interested should become an IIT-MEDLIFE member on Hawklink to be a part of the mailing list to be notified of future brigade(s). Faculty members are also encouraged to attend future brigades.

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