IIT Professor and Student in the Pacific Island Region for PISCES Project

Laura Hosman and Simon Brauer working with the PISCES Project.

Laura Hosman, assistant professor of political science, and Simon Brauer, a student in the Department of Social Sciences, are deploying the ENPRO-developed solar computer lab-in-a-box in the Pacific island region as members of the Pacific Islands Schools, Connectivity, Education, and Solar (PISCES) Project. The PISCES Project team will be on Guam and Chuuk until August 11.

The PISCES Project is a multi-stakeholder endeavor that focuses on using partnerships for local skill-building and technology training in both the Federated States of Micronesia and Guam. This will demonstrate a complete, replicable model for bringing solar-powered computer-related technology and Internet connectivity to underserved schools and communities.

Remote islands face many challenges when adopting new technologies and establishing connectivity to the rest of the world. The PISCES Project’s knowledge-sharing, training, and partnering experiences are designed to foster local capacity-building necessary to harness technologies and practices that can link those in the South Pacific to the rest of the globe.

For more information, pictures, and an on-site blog, visit the PISCES Project home page.