IIT Research Day Poster Competition Winners Announced

More than 50 graduate and undergraduate students from the College of Science and Letters and Armour College of Engineering participated in the IIT Research Day Student Poster Competition on Wednesday, April 24. Thirty-five faculty members volunteered to evaluate posters on clarity, content, and verbal and visual presentation. Judges selected three graduate-level winners and three undergraduate-level winners.

The Office of Research offers congratulations to:

Undergraduate Winners
3. Chris Barth (BME): Microstructural Integrity of Brain White Matter in Non-Demented Older Adults is Associated with Frequency of Cognitive Activity in Late Life

2. Christopher Stovall (MMAE): Characterizing Turbulent Gusts in an Urban Environment for Use in Micro Air Vehicle Applications

1. Abdulrhman Arnaout, Eric Faurie, Emilie Woog, and Ali Riaz (ECE): RF Measurements to Support Dynamic Radio Spectrum Sharing

Graduate Winners
3. Bo Hu (Chemistry): C-H activation by heterogeneous single site Fe(II) silica supported catalyst

2. Elif Bayrak, Hamidreza Mehdizadeh, and Sami Somo (ChBE): Multi-Agent Systems for Modeling Vascularization and Tissue Growth within Porous Biodegradable Scaffolds

1. Sahar Hendabadi (MMAE): A Novel Technique to Identify Transport Templates in the Human Left Ventricle Using Doppler Echocardiography and Computational Modeling