IIT Stuart Undergrads Reach Top Global Ranking in Business Strategy Game Simulation

For the second consecutive week, a team of IIT Stuart undergraduate business students from the capstone Business 480 course have placed in the Global Top 100 of the online Business Strategy Game Simulation!

Students in adjunct professor William Fanizzo’s Business Policy and Strategy course participate in the competition-based Business Strategy Game Simulation (BSG) for six weeks, working in teams assigned to operate an athletic footwear company. Each team is responsible for establishing a virtual ‘company,’ and for making a host of complex decisions related to pricing, manufacturing, sales, and marketing. Teams must also assess market conditions, determine how to respond to the actions of competing teams, forecast future sales volumes, and create long-term business strategies. Team decisions are entered into an online simulator, which tracks each group’s progress.

Teams compete against one another in class, and also online against students worldwide. At the end of every week, the top-ranked participants in the global simulation are announced.

For the week of April 9-15, Team GooberPeas, comprised of IIT Stuart undergraduates Alan Meier, Nick Pangere, and Stephanie Lyons, earned an overall score of 110.0, which tied them for the best Overall Score performance of the week globally. The team competed against 4,593 teams from 287 colleges/universities worldwide. The previous week, Team GooberPeas also placed in the challenge’s Global Top 100.