IIT Thanksgiving Program Needs Faculty and Staff Volunteer Hosts

Each year the International Center solicits IIT faculty, staff, and student families to host an international student or students for Thanksgiving dinner. You may remember being a student and how it felt during the Thanksgiving Holiday without the company of family and friends. How great would it be to host an IIT international student at your Thanksgiving dinner? Here’s your chance!

With more than 2,800 students and scholars from more than 90 countries, this is an incredible opportunity to extend your family’s hospitality for one evening. Moreover, this is an excellent opportunity for an international student to eat a home cooked meal, experience an American tradition, and have a nice relaxing afternoon/evening off campus.

Sign up to be a host for this cultural exchange program here.

Contact Coordinator of Study Abroad and Cultural Programs Ashley Sinclair at asincla1@iit.edu with any questions.