IIT Joins 16 Other Chicago Institutions to Prove Chicago is a Premiere Education Hub

Illinois Institute of Technology has joined the newly formed America’s Urban Campus (AUC), a consortium of 17 not-for-profit Chicago-area colleges and universities. AUC recently conducted an in-depth study to determine how Chicago’s higher education impacts the city. The study, conducted by Anderson Economic Group, reveals how the institutions collectively impact the Chicago workforce, support local businesses, and provide a new way of thinking about educational, economic, and cultural development. According to the results, Chicago is well established as a global destination for higher education and post-graduate employment.

In the years between 2003–2012, the number of degrees and certificates awarded by Chicago-area schools increased by 26 percent. Additionally, IIT is part of a system that educates students from every state in the country and more than 100 countries from around the world. Economically, IIT and its partners, supported 43,000 jobs and $10.8 billion in spending in Chicago in 2013. As for the local youth, the AUC schools and universities invest in the future of Chicago education with 1,400 documented partnerships and programs in Chicago Public Schools, preparing the students for post-secondary education.

IIT and AUC are committed to educating the future leaders of the City of Chicago, supporting businesses, seeking talent, and providing social and cultural opportunities for graduates to call Chicago their home.

For more information on AUC universities and colleges’ impact on Chicago education, economy, and culture, along with the full study, visit AmericasUrbanCampus.org.