Illinois Tech Hosting Obama Foundation Summit

The Obama Foundation will be holding its third annual Summit on Illinois Tech’s Mies Campus October 28-29, 2019. Illinois Tech was selected as a key program partner and host site for this year’s event thanks to our collective mission to inspire, empower, and connect people to change their world, starting on Chicago’s South Side.

Members of the Illinois Tech community will play a key role in the Summit’s programming. On October 28, Illinois Tech’s Director of Community Affairs Alicia Bunton will host a kickoff event for Foundation leadership and volunteers as they embark on a day of service throughout Chicago’s South Side. As a part of the October 29 main program schedule, Illinois Tech’s Howard Tullman, Executive Director of the Kaplan Institute, will host a special breakout session on Prototyping for Change, and will participate in a morning panel on Changemaking through Entrepreneurship. Illinois Tech professor and Kaplan Institute architect John Ronan will participate in an afternoon breakout titled Gathering at the Center: Building a Successful Civic Space.

As we welcome these guests to campus, we appreciate your cooperation as Public Safety works with law enforcement to accommodate all safety and security considerations.

Kaplan Institute and Hermann Hall will experience closures as a result. Kaplan Institute will be closed at 6 p.m. on Friday, October 25, while Hermann Hall will be closed at 7 p.m. on Saturday, October 26. Both facilities will reopen the morning of Wednesday, October 30.

The adjoining parking facilities will be impacted as well, so please refer to Access, Card, and Parking Services (ACaPS) for specific relocation instructions. These closures apply to all students, faculty, and staff, unless otherwise specifically directed. Credentials are required for all Summit events throughout the week.

Some classes in adjacent buildings will be relocated to accommodate shifting schedules, but please check with your instructors for the most up to date information.