Illinois Tech Team Wins Best Student Project Award at Internet Engineering Task Force Hackathon

Congratulations to the ITM hackathon team for winning Best Student Project at the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) Hackathon.

The team consists of current and former ITM students Enzo Piancenza, Nicolas Deschamps, Maxime Descos, Neilabh Okhandiar, and Bharat Ramaswamy Nandakumar and was led by of professors Carol Davids and Alan Johnston. The team was selected first over 18 other teams.

In addition to winning, Deschamps was interviewed for an IETF video. See the interview here.

Their project, “Building the WebRTC PSAP for e911” is based on the ongoing Indoor Location Project in the Real-Time Communications Lab. The project helps locate the 9-1-1 caller to an exact location within a building rather than just an address. As can example, if someone calls 9-1-1, the “Building the WebRTC PSAP for e911” project will notify emergency responders of the address and that the caller is on the 14th floor in the southwest corner.

Learn more about the Real-Time Communications Lab here.

Learn more about the Building the WebRTC PSAP for e911 here.