Illinois Tech Winter Break Energy Conservation Plan

Did you know, a typical single occupant office could use over $35 worth of energy if office equipment, lighting, and a space heater remain on between Christmas and New Years? Approximately 75% of that energy consumption would be from the space heater alone. Multiply that amount by hundreds of offices around campus and the result is thousands of dollars can be saved by simply turning equipment off and unplugging equipment during the break.

During the winter break, the Facilities Department will be putting unoccupied buildings into a “setback” mode that keeps the buildings safe and minimizes energy consumption. To make this effort successful, and benefit the university both environmentally and economically, we need all members of the Illinois Tech community to do their part. Here’s what you can do:

  • Unplug Space Heaters

If you have an electric space heater in your office, you must register it with Facilities (e-mail noting “Space Heater” in the subject, or call 312.567.3320) and make sure that it is unplugged, not just off, when you leave for break. The building temperature will be dropped to a setback level that keeps the building safe, but if you leave your heater on, it will actually cost the university more.

  • Unplug Computer and Monitors

Unplug every electricity-using piece of equipment in your office. If you access your computer from home using remote access, then you can leave the computer on and plugged in, but make sure that the standby settings are set accordingly so that when you are not accessing the computer, it uses as little energy as possible. Also, unplug your computer monitor.

  • Unplug Large Office Equipment and Desk Accessories

Look around the general office area for devices that are plugged in and make sure they are unplugged as well. This includes copiers, microwaves, coffee pots, shredders, pencil sharpeners, etc. Almost anything that is plugged in can still draw power when it is not in use.

If any office or individual has questions about items included in this plan or needs help turning something off, contact the Office of Campus Energy and Sustainability at Happy Holidays.