Inaugural DEAL Panel: Translating Job Skills into Accomplishments

The inaugural STEP cohort (completed fall 2017) is excited to launch Developing and Equipping All to Lead (DEAL). Part of participation in the STEP program is the completion of a project and DEAL is the culmination of those efforts. DEAL was developed out of recognition for the value of STEP programming alongside feedback from the Staff Engagement Survey and desire for increased engagement within the community.

DEAL is programming aimed at peer-to-peer development and support through training for the Illinois Tech staff community. The goal is to create developmental programming for all staff each semester by drawing on the expertise of those within the community.

To support staff in preparing for their self-evaluations, the first DEAL session will focus on translating job skills into accomplishments with a panel of esteemed staff including Toni Riley, Anita Opdycke, Megan Mozina, and Jackie Anderson. The panelists will share their personal tips on measuring success as an employee within the performance review cycle, translating job skills into success stories and providing how-tos on verbalizing accomplishments to your superiors.

Please join us on Tuesday, March 13 from 2-3:30 p.m. in the McCormick Tribune Campus Center (MTCC) Auditorium. All staff are welcome. This session will include time to hear from panelists and ask questions around how to vocalize your skill set and workplace achievement in your annual review.

Any questions on this session or DEAL can be directed to Alex Carlson ( and Elizabeth Wahlstrom Helgren (, who will be executing the pilot phase of this program in 2018.