International Center Moves to MTCC, CCC and Other Offices and Staff Relocate

In order to make room for the new One Stop for Student Services and the International Center’s new location in the MTCC, a number of administrative offices around campus have moved or are in the process of moving now.  Please make a note of the changes or bookmark this announcement.

  • All Auxiliary Services and Campus and Conference Centers staff with offices in the MTCC have moved to Hermann Hall
  • International Center is moving from Main Building to the MTCC
  • Some Access Card and Parking and Catering staff have moved to different offices in Hermann Hall

You can find exact locations for relocated staff members below.  All email addresses and phone numbers remain unchanged.

The International Center will be closed Monday, July 30 – Wednesday, August 1, and will reopen at its new location (MTCC 203) on Thursday, August 2.  The entire International Center will move from Main Building to MTCC 203 (also occupying MTCC rooms 202, 204, 217, and 218).  The new location will open on August 2.  Contact during the closure for assistance.

New international students can check-in beginning Wednesday, August 1 in Hermann Hall.  There will be no new student check-in on July 30 – 31 at any location.

Auxiliary Services Staff
Jean Bingham moved from MTCC 109 to join the rest of Auxiliary Services staff in Hermann Hall 201B

Campus and Conference Centers Staff
Kelly Schaefer moved from MTCC 103 to MTCC 102
Michael Dowling-Collins moved from MTCC 104 to HH Expo Office
Thasima Taylor moved from MTCC 105 to HH 102B
Pat Ruder moved  from MTCC 107 to HH 102D
James Wright moved from HH 102B to HH 201E
Emily Sutherlin moved from HH 102E to HH 210E
Danielle Broadwater moved from HH 102C to HH 102E
Ethan Baughey moved from HH 102A to HH 110

Anika Jackson from HH 110 to HH 102C

Access Card and Parking Staff
Angela Thames from HH 210B to HH 102A
David Quezada from HH 210E to H 201 main
Pat Senerchia from H 201 main to HH 201A

Watch IIT Today for more info about the One Stop soon!