INTM Faculty Blake Davis Discusses Future Energy Jobs Act on WTTW Chicago Tonight

Davis.jpgIndustrial Technology and Management (INTM) faculty member Blake Davis was representing the #Bronzeville Urban Development organization during his WTTW Chicago Tonight appearance–a group that will benefit from the Future Energy Jobs Act that went into effect June 1. The Act would bring solar power to neighbors who either can’t afford solar panels, live in multi-family housing, or who’re limited by zoning laws.

“What the legislation that’s been passed allows for, is solar to be actually be put into a community context, so you can produce the energy where it’s convenient, where it’s desirable,” said Blake Davis of the Bronzeville Urban Development. “And then you can support the needs of the residents with that energy by delivering it to them through the grid.”

The new law also establishes the #IllinoisSolarforAll program, which allows people from low-income communities to receive training for jobs in solar energy.

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