INTM Industry Professor Gurram Gopal Publishes Articles Related to Graduate Student Special Projects

Articles written by Industrial Technology and Management Industry Professor Gurram Gopal and several of his former students appeared in the APICS spring 2018 quarterly magazine, and the May 2018 Institute of Industrial Systems and Engineers (ISE) journal,  Industrial and Systems Engineering at Work.

The APICS article, “Inventory Stratification Optimizes Results,” was co-written with Jaime Quilez (MITO ’17) and Kathy Olsen, INTM adjunct professor and director of supply chain at Castle Metals. It is based on Quilez’ work at Castle Metals while completing his INTM graduate student project, “Multi-Criteria Inventory Stratification and Its Linkage to Optimization.”

The ISE article, “Get Smart with Your Contracts,” was co-written with Alejandro Garach Martinez (MITO ’17) and Juan Martinez Rodriguez (MITO ’17), based on their graduate student projects about blockchain technology. The article discusses blockchain technology and how it is enabling business value advancement in everything from manufactured goods to online music.