Invitation to Submit Proposals for Spring and Summer IPRO Courses

The Interprofessional Projects (IPRO) Program invites faculty to submit proposals for spring and summer IPRO projects. Topics should address contemporary challenges that can be advanced by an interdisciplinary team of students over one or more semesters. Generally, IPRO teams are comprised of students from at least three Illinois Tech colleges who collaborate by contributing the knowledge and methods associated with their disciplines toward achieving a common goal. IPRO proposals that involve co-instructors from different fields are strongly encouraged. The deadline for submitting a proposal online at IPRO Proposal System is Friday, October 2 but additional time can be granted. The review/approval of the faculty member’s academic dean is automatically requested when a proposal is submitted. Our aim is to create a diverse and robust portfolio of IPRO section topics from across the university for students to consider as they plan and register for courses in early November.

For additional information about the IPRO proposal criteria and process, to obtain a proposal template, or to share an IPRO idea, contact Tom Jacobius, IPRO operations, at or 312.567.3986.