Join Summer Abroad IPRO Team: Global Human-Centered Design Challenges

Join this unique summer Interprofessional Projects Program, IPRO 497-315 project to (a) develop in-country experience of observation and identification of problems/needs that lead to insights as well as (b) follow-through with in-country development, testing and feedback of prototypes that can lead to the iteration of concepts, which can ultimately generate meaningful social impact. Students will develop an awareness of the broader aspects of global design for innovative products, services and systems. Orientation could include historical, political/geo-political, existing infrastructure, cultural, religious, humility, power dynamics, economic, social, ethical, and environmental considerations, with an emphasis on sustainability.

IPRO 315 is scheduled for six weeks within Session B from Monday, June 13 to Friday, July 22, including two weeks in Costa Rica. Students are responsible for the cost of IPRO tuition and airfare.

Click here for more information or contact IPRO instructor Doug Wills ( by Sunday, May 1.