Join Us November 29 and 30 for Salesforce App Builder Webinar 

In spring 2023, Illinois Tech will offer a special, immersive elective course, Salesforce Platform Application Builder. This course will allow you to establish your credentials in the Salesforce ecosystem and will prepare you for the Salesforce App Builder certification exam—an opportunity that is a pathway to in-demand, high-paying careers.

This course is offered in partnership with Camp4. Come join us for a virtual information session with Camp4 to learn more about this upcoming course.

Virtual Info Session: Salesforce Platform Application Builder
Date: November 29 and 30, 2022
Time: 12:45–1:30 p.m. (CST)
Link to attend: 

The Info Session: What to Expect

During the webinar, we’ll spend 10 minutes talking about 1) the Salesforce ecosystem, 2) this course’s role in its growth, and 3) how this course will prepare you for career advancement in a growing economy. Next, we’ll take 10 minutes to walk you through the course components, how to set yourself up for the ideal experience, and then spend the last 10 minutes on Q&A. Come prepared with your questions!

Coming out of this virtual info session, you will have a deeper understanding of how this elective course can help accelerate your career in Salesforce, getting you ready for the plethora of internship and career opportunities that will be available to you.

About the Course: Salesforce Platform Application Builder

This course will help you establish your credentials in the Salesforce ecosystem and develop a foundational understanding of the platform, its features, and functionality. From learning about object-oriented architecture to creating process automation and business-centric apps, you will acquire a comprehensive knowledge of the building blocks essential to a fast-growing platform for businesses worldwide.

In addition to developing technical skills, you will also learn and practice foundational client-facing skills. These include creating an engaging personal brand, asking powerful questions, navigating critical conversations, and facilitating effective client presentations. Whether you continue onward from Illinois Tech with a career in consulting or a corporate innovation center, tough skills will help you better engage with your future colleagues and clients, setting you apart from other candidates.

Upon program completion, you will have earned up to 35 Salesforce Trailhead badges, and be ready to sit for your Salesforce App Builder certification exam. Additionally, you will earn a Camp4 Tough Skills badge, which you can showcase on your LinkedIn profile for employers to know that you are client- and career-ready.

In this course you will learn by doing, which builds your confidence and critical thinking. This course will deliver on-demand, recorded lectures, live, interactive learning labs, self-paced study, as well as quiz and exam preparation.