Kaplan Institute Holding Workshop on How to Build a Landing Page

Join the Kaplan Institute on October 5 from 12:40–1:50 p.m. where, in just one hour, you will learn how to create a landing page—a simple, single-page website—all you need to tap the market and test demand for your product or service. Doing a simple experiment to test demand for your offering is one of the requirements to apply for Kaplan Institute’s Startup Accelerator in the spring. This hands-on workshop will show you a simple way to meet that requirement. Register now!

Here’s what you’ll accomplish in just 60 minutes:

  • Define a Problem & Visualize Your Solution: Craft a compelling narrative and customer journey that will pique your customer’s interest in your solution.
  • Validate Demand: Gain insights into gathering crucial feedback and refining your offering.
  • Understand a Minimal Viable Product (MVP): Understand the essence of an MVP and how it tests the riskiest assumptions of your business model. It’s not about creating a polished beta version but making strategic investments to validate your concept.
  • Expand Your Entrepreneurial Toolkit: Explore free tools to run these experiments.