Kaplan Institute Now Accepting Proposals for Fall 2023 IPRO Courses

The Kaplan Institute is beginning work on its fall 2023 course planning, and we invite faculty to submit an Interprofessional Projects Program (IPRO) course proposal by March 20. To help focus our efforts, we plan to realign our programmatic offerings, including IPRO Program courses, around the three main phases of the innovation lifecycle:

  • Discover: Discover customers, define a problem, and conceive a solution.
  • Build: Design and prototype solutions based on specifications.
  • Launch: Productize a technology and get it to market, where it can have an impact.

Kaplan Institute has worked with its Academic Advisory Council and Advisory board to land on market verticals that are considered to be priorities for the institutions as well as priority areas of employers in the Chicago market. We encourage you to consider developing practical experiences via courses aligned with these market verticals:

  • Digital Health, Medical Devices, and Life Sciences.
  • Climate and Energy.
  • Industrial Automation and Advanced Manufacturing.
  • Sports and Gaming.

Kaplan Institute will focus on reaching out to relevant industry partners, so a thematic alignment with these market verticals could bring sponsorship opportunities to your course.

Submit course proposals here to be considered for for inclusion in our Fall 2023 and Spring 2024 schedules. A decision on whether to offer a particular course will be communicated to you as soon as possible.

If you have questions or would like to meet first to discuss your proposal, please contact Edoarda Corradi Dell’Acqua (ecorradi@iit.edu), Kaplan Institute Associate Academic Director, and copy ipro@iit.edu.