Karl Stolley Presented with Technology Innovator Award

Karl Stolley_squareThe Conference on College Composition and Communication (CCCC)’s Committee on Computers in Composition and Communication selected Karl Stolley, associate professor of digital writing and rhetoric, as this year’s recipient of the Technology Innovator Award. The award recognizes and honors leaders and innovators in the field of rhetoric and writing.

In his remarks about Stolley, John Walter, the co-chair of the organization said, “The Technology Innovator Award is informally known as the Troublemaker Award because those who win it don’t let us rest on our laurels as innovators within our field… As for this year’s winner, one of his nomination letters began by arguing that he has been one of our most important troublemakers since he was a graduate student, and in the last decade he has gone from ‘code boy’ to keynote speaker, from trouble maker to trouble shooter, and from mentor to leader. And whether it has been his passionate advocacy of reconsidering the WYSIWYG revolution, our reliance upon other people’s tools, or coding as a fundamental literacy, he has continually asked us to question our assumptions and has pushed us into new territory.”