“Kissing Cancer Goodbye” Fundraiser to Support IIT’s Dana Fogarty

In April 2012, at the age of 27, IIT Graduate Admission Credential and Admission Specialist Dana Fogarty was diagnosed with stage III squamous cell carcinoma of the tongue and found herself setting a goal she never expected to have to set – beating oral cancer!  Her aggressive treatment consisted of sixteen weeks of combination chemotherapy and radiation; five of which were spent inpatient at the University of Chicago Hospital.  In addition, she was also prescribed various medications to help with the side effects and pain caused by her treatment plan.  A November follow-up scan found that her cancer had already returned, even after all the aggressive chemotherapy and radiation treatments she received.

Due to her body’s resistance to the prior treatment, Fogarty underwent a total glossectomy (tongue removal) and reconstruction in December.  The procedure required her to be hospitalized for twelve days and recover at home for at least six months while undergoing continuous speech and physical therapy.

This passionate, determined young woman has shown amazing courage battling a life changing disease, but her out of pocket medical expenses and inability to work during her treatments have caused financial hardship.  Friends and family will host “Kissing Cancer Goodbye,” A Friendship Benefit for Fogarty on Saturday, April 13 at De La Salle Institute in an attempt to lighten some of her financial burden.

Fundraiser organizers seek donations of all sizes for the event: gift baskets, gift certificates, raffle prizes, alcoholic beverages, silent auction items, and monetary donations.  Visit the Kissing Cancer Goodbye website to learn more, contact organizers, or donate online.