Learn about Creating and Financing Tech Startups

Are you a master’s student interested in entrepreneurship? Creating and Financing New Technology Ventures (MBA 576) will give you the opportunity during the spring 2022 semester to take on a key role in the planning, strategy, and financial aspects of a tech startup. This course is cross-listed with IPRO 497-401, the Startup Studio Accelerator.

MBA 576 students will be matched with one or more Startup Studio teams and become either a team member or adviser for the duration of the semester (and beyond?). Through that process, students will learn and apply frameworks and skills for starting and funding a new technology venture. See the list of Startup Studio teams for spring 2022. The course will be taught Fridays from 1:50–4:30 p.m. at the Kaplan Institute.

For more information, contact Coleman Foundation Clinical Associate Professor of Entrepreneurship Nik Rokop (nrokop@stuart.iit.edu) or Kaplan Institute Executive Director Maryam Saleh (msaleh4@kaplan.iit.edu). To sign up for the course, contact Nik Rokop for instructor permission.