Let Document Design Students Create Your Event Flyer

Are you planning a late-April event on campus for your club or student organization? Do you need a flyer? An eager team of document design students are ready and willing to design your organization’s event flyer for posting on campus.

Benefits to you:

  • Around 19 different design variations for you to choose from (depending on number of students enrolled at that time)
  • No charge to your organization for the design
  • Prompt delivery of design documents on Wednesday, March 25


  • No edits, revisions, or do overs on the designs. Remember, these are busy students.
  • No commercial endeavors or private sales (e.g. apartment rentals, get-rich-quick schemes, etc.). Must be for a registered student club or organization.
  • Content must conform to university guidelines for material posted in public spaces on campus.
  • Must select from designs generated by students, i.e. if you don’t like any of them, they won’t be making more for you to choose from.

Interested organizations should contact Prof. Andrew Roback (aroback@iit.edu) with date and type of event as well as preliminary copy no later than March 1.

Remember, designs won’t be available until March 25 so this will work best for an event in mid- to late-April. Direct questions and inquires to same address.