Leveraging Inclusion and Diversity Series

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Diversity is key to any thriving workplace; collaboration of different backgrounds, perspectives, and ideas always leads to progress.

Join us for three 90-minute workshops facilitated by a guest speaker, where we will discuss several ways we can think and act deliberately and with reflection in order to facilitate such collaboration and cooperation.


These workshops were designed as a series where each workshop builds on the one previous. Though you will get the most value from attending all three sessions, it is not a requirement.

RSVP to enjoy some refreshments while learning how to play your role in creating happy work environments. 

More information about these sessions can be found here.

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The Speaker:

Roger Crockett is a specialist in leadership behavior, diversity, and inclusion at inQUEST.

He is vice chair of the Board of Trustees at Saint Xavier University and an adjunct professor at DePaul University’s Driehaus College of Business.

Illinois Tech’s commitment to inclusion and to diversity is encapsulated in its official Statement on Community, Inclusion, and Diversity, which reads as follows:

Illinois Institute of Technology is a community that values and respects its members. We appreciate that our faculty, staff, students, alumni/ae, and trustees come from many backgrounds and many parts of the world. We embrace the contributions that differences offer. We are committed to providing a working and learning environment in which all students and all members of the faculty and staff are able to realize their full potential.