Lifeworks August 2020 Features and COVID-19 Resources

Lifeworks, Illinois Tech’s Employee Assistance Program, has announced new features for August 2020 in the Heartbeat Newsletter. August’s content is career focused with articles like “Re-energizing and Re-focusing Your Career” and “Networking for Your Job or Career,” and a video highlighting the benefits of a mentor relationship. When you visit the Heartbeat Newsletter homepage, you’ll also have access to all prior months’ articles and features.

Lifeworks also continues to offer COVID-19 resources, including a brand-new article entitled “Coping With Stress From Making Education Decisions for your Kids Due to COVID-19.” Use the COVID-19 Toolkit quick link at the bottom of the page once you log in to access all of their available articles and resources.

For more information about Lifeworks, please visit the HR Portal Employee Assistance Program page.