Listen to Illinois Tech’s Curiosity Unplugged Podcast

Illinois Tech’s Curiosity Unplugged podcast just aired its fifth episode. Catch up on all five below:

Episode 1: The Anti-Science Movement: Is It Gaining Ground?

Episode 2: Unintentional Neo-Colonialism: How Can America Aid Developing Countries Without Conveying a Sense of Superiority?

Episode 3: What is Innovation?

Episode 4:  Not in My America: Is the Real Issue Immigration—or Naturalization?

Episode 5: How Does the U.S. Move Confidently Toward Driverless Cities?

Curiosity Unplugged is recorded at the A. Sidney Katz Radio Studio at WIIT 88.9 FM, Illinois Tech’s radio station. It airs on the first Wednesday of each month at noon and on the first Thursday of each month on iTunes, Google Play, Libsyn, Stitcher, and SoundCloud. Don’t miss an episode: Subscribe to Curiosity Unplugged on the platforms listed above. Visit to learn about other innovative Illinois Tech faculty, students, and alumni.