Logitech Acquires Kickstarter-funded TT Design Labs, a Startup Founded by IIT Institute of Design Alumni

Less than two years ago Derek Tarnow and Zahra Tashakorinia began developing their first product, TidyTilt, as part of a class project at IIT Institute of Design in Chicago. They were tasked by product design faculty member, Marty Thaler, to develop a solution to a common problem and launch the resulting product. By the end of the semester, TidyTilt was on Kickstarter and raised over 2000% of their funding goal.

Their work elicited the attention of the public computer accessories company, Logitech. In June 2013, Logitech acquired Tarnow and Tashakorinia’s TT Design Labs and the products they have developed since the initial launch. Both will continue to innovate as product designers at Logitech.

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