Main Campus Building Evacuation (Updated)

Update – 12:30 am: All clear.  Engineering 1 Building has now been cleared and re-opened.

Update – 4:34 pm: The hazardous material has been removed from campus.  Life Sciences is now re-opened. E1 will remain closed until further inspection is completed.  If you have personal belongings in E1, you will be permitted to retrieve them.

Update – 4:04 pm: Emergency crews are removing the hazardous material from E1.  E1 and Life Sciences will likely be closed for at least 1-2 more hours.

Engineering 1 and Life Sciences have been evacuated due to a potentially explosive chemical located in the E1 basement. Emergency crews are on scene and handling the situation. Keep a safe distance from these buildings and the intersection of 31st and State Streets.

The hazardous material was discovered during a routine inspection of E1.  Proper procedures have been followed, no one has been injured, and there is no immediate danger outside of the evacuation area.

We are currently experiencing technical problems with our emergency text messaging system.

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