Many Voices, One Vision: Moving Forward – Help Chart IIT’s Future

Illinois Institute of Technology is in the early stages of developing the next phase of the university’s strategic plan. A steering committee, led by Provost Alan Cramb, has been formed to move the process forward, which includes gathering input from IIT’s internal and external constituencies.

As many of you may remember, the “Many Voices, One Vision” plan was approved and launched in May 2009. The 2014-2018 strategic plan will build upon the foundation created by “Many Voices, One Vision”—and also include new areas that will help define the university’s path in the years ahead. IIT’s vision, mission, and core values remain the same. What is needed now is a clear understanding of the university’s priorities and goals. We also need to be cognizant of what it will take to achieve those goals in a world in which important philosophical and operational shifts are taking place in the definition and delivery of education and the creation of knowledge.

Much has been accomplished in the current five-year plan—and at the same time some initiatives have fallen short of expectations. Looking back is an opportunity to assess what went right, what was beyond our control, and where we needed to do more. Now it is important to look forward as we begin the next phase of IIT’s growth as an international leader of education and research.

We look to you for the dialogue and discussion about priorities, core principles, and SMART goals to help guide our way over the next five years. A website, Many Voices, One Vision: Moving Forward, has been created to collect input that will help the steering committee create the 2014-2018 strategic plan. There you will find information about the 2010-2014 plan; the IIT vision, mission, values, and core principles; SMART goals; and the implementation process. In addition, you can see, according to the metrics defined for each goal, where the successes occurred and which areas came up short. A list of the 2014-2018 committees and their members is also included to assist you in personally connecting with the most appropriate members of the plan development team.

It is important to the future of IIT that many voices are heard—and that we continue to move forward strategically with purpose and confidence.

Thank you for lending your voice to the process. Ours is indeed a university with a great legacy of accomplishment. Together we can ensure that our best days are still ahead.


John L. Anderson

Alan Cramb
Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs