March Sustainability Forum with Alec Brownlow


Illinois Tech’s Office of Campus Energy and Sustainability will host its monthly Sustainability Forum on Friday, March 23 from 12:30–2 p.m. in Hermann Hall Ballroom. Featuring Alec Brownlow, the presentation is titled “Clean, Green, and Safe: Politics, Injustices, and Inequalities in the Pursuit of Sustainable Urbanism.”
RSVP here. Lunch will be provided and vegetarian options are available.
Brownlow is associate professor of geography at DePaul University. His research interests generally involve the histories and geographies of fear and violence in the city emphasizing the emergence of these phenomena in various places and among various social groups, as well as their utility to urban development agendas and cooptation by urban development interests. He is currently exploring the growing rhetoric of sacrifice within development and anti-development narratives both within and outside of urban contexts.