Marshall Scholarships Available for Graduate Study in the United Kingdom

Interested in pursuing a graduate degree in the United Kingdom? Marshall Scholarships finance students of high ability to study for a graduate degree in any field of study in the United Kingdom. An information session will be held on Tuesday, September 10 from 12:50-1:30 pm in Perlstein Hall, Room 108. This meeting will be led by Chipo Nyambuya, Vice Consul, Innovation and Economics of the British Consulate-General in Chicago.

To be eligible for a 2014 Marshall Scholarship, candidates must:

* be U.S. citizens (at the time they apply for a scholarship);
* hold their first undergraduate degree from an accredited four-year college or university in the U.S. (by the time they take up their scholarship i.e. September 2014);
* have obtained a grade point average of no less than 3.7 on their undergraduate degree. (Exceptions will be considered only on the specific recommendation of the sponsoring college.)
* have graduated from their first undergraduate college or university after April 2011.
* not have studied for or hold a degree or degree-equivalent qualification from a British University.