Matlab and toolboxes for sale at discounted prices

Several copies of Matlab, Simulink and various toolboxes available to buy at the price of the annual maintenance cost for academic research. A group of Illinois Tech faculty have acquired many copies of Matlab and its toolboxes, and they have been using these software for several years.

As their research evolved over the years, some copies of various software are available to other faculty for research use. Faculty members can purchase them with the understanding that they will contribute every year to the maintenance cost of the software that they have acquired. Additional software can be purchased from Mathworks to be incorporated to these group licenses, at a significant savings. The software listed that are not selected by faculty by Wednesday, February 9, 2022 will be excluded from the maintenance agreement.

The licenses are assigned to individual specific computers and can be transferred to other computers. The appeal is the low cost – $25.20 for Matlab per year with upgrade privileges for any new release. If we have extra (unassigned) copies of a toolbox, we allocate it to the person who requested it at maintenance cost (20% of the cost of the toolbox, but since we may have many copies of a specific toolbox the maintenance cost is not 20% of $200 but lower) level as well. Otherwise, a new copy of a toolbox need to be purchased ($200 for single copy of most toolboxes, and the price drops significantly if several copies are purchased simultaneously). Then it becomes part of the group license, and the maintenance cost is computed based on the purchase price based on the number of copies we have. For example, if a single license of Matlab is $500, the price drops to $120 if 50 licenses are purchased (and the annual maintenance fee is 20% of $120). The discounts vary for various toolboxes based on the number of copies that the group has, and we can give you an estimate if you are interested in other toolboxes that are not currently in the available list.

The software available for purchase by faculty are:

Software Number of Copies Available Annual maintenance fee ($)
Matlab 3 25.2
Simulink 6 22
Matlab Compiler 1 90
Compiler SDK 1 90
MPC Tooolbox 10 21

If you are interested in acquiring Matlab, Simulink or toolboxes listed, please contact Ali Cinar (, 312-567-3042) by Wednesday, February 9, 2022. The unclaimed software will be excluded from the maintenance agreement.