Maximizing LinkedIn Performance for Business Development and Lead Generation Workshop

Illinois Institute of Technology is offering a one-day Maximizing LinkedIn Performance for Business Development and Lead Generation Workshop on Wednesday, August 3, 2016 from 9 a.m.-4 p.m. at the Illinois Tech Rice Campus in Wheaton, Ill. Seats are limited.

The highly professional context of the LinkedIn space presents businesses with an unprecedented opportunity for name recognition, building brand credibility and targeting audiences for the selling and marketing of products, services and enterprises. Successful business development on LinkedIn comes down to presenting well, connecting with the right people, identifying economic buyers and applying online activities to real world scenarios. The challenge lies in committing to a regimen on LinkedIn, managing time wisely, and crafting compelling content that will engage potential clients.

The program will provide a comprehensive overview of LinkedIn best practices and focus on specific LinkedIn activities and strategies will heighten personal brand awareness, improve the quality of professional relationships, and drive revenue growth. Participants will set realistic goals for LinkedIn use, develop a mindset around success in social business, and immediately effect real world positive change.

Key Benefits/Learning Objectives

  • Confidently navigate the intricacies of the LinkedIn site
  • Understand the importance of your personal brand
  • Structure your LinkedIn profile to best convey your professional value
  • Enhance your marketability and drive more views to your LinkedIn profile
  • Better recognize and cultivate new business opportunities
  • Unleash your creativity in communicating with peers, clients, and prospects
  • More effectively organize your activities on LinkedIn
  • Shorten the time it takes to translate LinkedIn activities to real world results
  • Integrate LinkedIn into an overall lead generation strategy
  • Track your progress on LinkedIn toward meeting professional goals

Executives, entrepreneurs, salespeople, professional service providers (lawyers, accountants, consultants), marketers, designers, architects, and opportunity-oriented professionals who wish to explore the revenue-generating potential of LinkedIn are encouraged to attend.

The workshop will be facilitated by JD Gershbein, who brings a keen sense of observation and a distinctive voice to the global stage. Drawing upon his background in neuroscience, psychology, and the humanities, Gershbein offers depth and breadth of understanding of our Digital Era, combining multiple disciplines into a uniquely artistic expression.

Having received unanimous acclaim as a thought leader on LinkedIn strategy, Gershbein is making an indelible impression in the social business world through his insights into personal branding, sophisticated treatment of relationship science, and theories on human communication. His ability to motivate and inspire opportunity-oriented professionals in all walks of business to step up and achieve on the site has earned him the moniker of “The LinkedIn Catalyst.”

Known for his engaging stage presence,Gershbein consistently leaves his audiences wanting more. He designs compelling, takeaway-intensive learning experiences that are infused with storytelling and tinged with his signature humor. Gershbein is also a frequent broadcast media expert on LinkedIn for business, as well as a contributing blogger to The Huffington Post, Forbes, NBC, and SUCCESS Online.

In addition to his role as a LinkedIn speaker, consultant, and coach, Gershbein is adjunct professor of marketing communications at the Illinois Institute of Technology’s Stuart School of Business, where he is at the forefront of advancing social media as an accredited field of study.

Gershbein is the author of a forthcoming book, and has an Internet TV talk show on personal branding and thought leadership currently in development.

Register here. Contact Mary LaFleur at 630.682.6030 or with any questions. The cost of the workshop is $395 per person and breakfast and lunch will be provided.