Meat Industry Suppliers Alliance, Food Processing Suppliers Association Awarding Scholarships

The Meat Industry Suppliers Alliance (MISA) of the Food Processing Suppliers Association (FPSA) will be awarding seven $10,000 scholarships this year to deserving students studying in the Food & Meat Sciences and Engineering at universities across the country. Last year they were awarded to students at University of Arkansas, Iowa State University, Kansas State University, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Texas Tech University and Colorado State University. We received over 60 application.

This is to encourage and support those interested in pursuing careers within the meat industry or engineering field. Scholarship recipients will be selected on the basis of the following criteria: academic performance, commitment to a career in the meat industry or engineering field as well as potential for success.

The open application starts on Wednesday, February 15. To apply, please visit

The deadline for the scholarship submission is Thursday, June 1, and applicants will be notified in July.

If any of students have any questions about the scholarship, please feel free to Ann Marie Penaranda at or 703-663-1213.