MEDLIFE Seeking Donations for Medical Brigade to Nicaragua

This summer, MEDLIFE members will be participating in a week-long medical brigade working with a non-profit organization to set up mobile clinics and provide free healthcare check-ups to rural communities near Managua, Nicaragua. Members will also be working on infrastructure projects.

This is a wonderful opportunity for our diverse medical brigade team, including students majoring in Biomedical, Chemical and Architectural Engineering, Biology, Biochemistry, Chemistry, and pre-med minors. The medical brigade gives students a chance to partake in community service activities in an unfamiliar environment. The brigade will allow participants to gain exposure to global healthcare and learn of the injustices that exist in communities less fortunate than their own. This experience will also help raise cultural awareness among brigade members that can be brought back and implemented on campus and in their daily lives. Every donation is tax-free and will go towards the medical brigade to help communities in developing countries. 

Donate here.