Midterm Course Evaluation Survey

This message is for non-LAW, non-DESIGN instructors. 
Please be aware that the Midterm Course Evaluation Survey for spring 2021 are now open. In order to achieve a good response from students, it is very important that you talk to your students about the survey. Below are a few suggested “talking points:”
  1. Mention the evaluation in class
  2. Tell students you value their feedback
  3. Describe how you’ve used the feedback in the past to change the course
  4. Stress that the survey is anonymous
  5. Offer an incentive for a 90% response rate (e.g., if we get to 90%, all students will get bonus points)

Also, you can track the number of students in your course(s) who have completed an evaluation survey on the Course Evaluation Dashboard in Qualtrics. You can access the dashboard through a link on the Institution Page in Blackboard (see image below).

Thanks for your help in encouraging students to complete a midterm course evaluation. If you have any questions about the Course Evaluation Survey, please contact us at cli@iit.edu.