MonkeyBars “Spring Build” Hackathon this Weekend at the Idea Shop

MonkeyBars Spring Build is a Hackathon unlike any Chicago has ever seen. Build is not simply a coding challenge, it is a place where anyone from the hardware hacker to the designer can, with the support and resources from the MonkeyBars team and partners, bring an idea to the realm of reality in just 24 hours.

We have also thrown traditional judging out the window; MonkeyBars gives prizes for being awesome. While we will definitely reward you for building a robot that cures cancer, we believe that having a passion for learning and creating is the mark of a true innovator and, thus, should be rewarded. No cash prizes. If you’re in it for the money, then this Hackathon isn’t for you.

If you live to create and think working on projects inside of a 13,000 sq ft rapid prototyping lab is a dream come true, then we’ll see you at MonkeyBars Spring Build 2013, Saturday, February 23 @ 2:00 pm until February 24 @  5:00 pm.

Find out more and register here.