NanoJapan Program for Undergraduates

NanoJapan, sponsored by Rice University,will provide United States undergraduates with structured research opportunities in Japanese university laboratories with Japanese mentors focused on the study of THz dynamics of nanostructures. Eligible students from any university nationwide are eligible to apply. The program is well-suited to engineering or physics students with a keen interest in this area of nanotechnology research. More information can be found on the IIT Study Abroad website.

The 12-week summer program includes:
1. Pre-departure orientation at Rice University
2. Three-week orientation program in Tokyo that includes introductory Japanese language classes, an Introduction to Japanese Society and Culture Seminar, and an Introduction to Nanoscale Science and THz Dynamics Seminar
3. An 8½-week Nanotechnology Research Internship with leading nanotechnology laboratories in Japan
4. A re-entry program that includes communication skills and career development seminars along with the presentation of a topical research poster on the summer internship at the Rice Quantum Institute’s Summer Research Colloquium

Accepted students will also receive a $4,500 stipend. The application deadline for the program is Friday, January 25.