National Science Foundation Announces Revised Proposal Due Dates

From the Office of Sponsored Research and Programs:

The following programs have due dates that fall between October 1 – 25, 2013, and these dates are being revised due to the federal government shutdown. These revised dates apply whether the proposal is being submitted via the NSF FastLane System or Due to compressed proposal deadlines resulting from the shutdown, proposers are advised that they may experience a delay when contacting IT Help Central with technical support questions. Frequently asked questions regarding these date changes are available on the Resumption of Operations page on the NSF website at: Questions regarding the specific funding opportunity should be directed to the cognizant NSF program officer(s) identified in the funding opportunity. General shutdown questions should be directed to

Due date for the following program has been revised to October 23, 2013

13-597 Support for Construction of Direct Detection Dark Matter Experiments in Particle Astrophysics (Letter of Intent)

Due dates for the following programs have been revised to October 25, 2013

11-559 NSF Astronomy and Astrophysics Postdoctoral Fellowships (FastLane Submission Only)

12-496 Mathematical Sciences Postdoctoral Research Fellowships (FastLane Submission Only)

12-497 Postdoctoral Research Fellowships in Biology (FastLane Submission Only)

13-583 Emerging Frontiers in Research and Innovation 2014 (Preliminary Proposal; FastLane Only – this funding opportunity retains its original due date)2

Due dates for the following programs have been revised to November 1, 2013

10-510 Geospace Environment Modeling

10-1268 Foundations

10-1281 Analysis

10-1638 Infrastructure Management and Extreme Events

10-1787 Service Enterprise Systems

10-5514 Operations Research

10-7970 Combinatorics

11-7478 Dynamical Systems

12-1631 Civil Infrastructure Systems

12-1632 Control Systems

12-1634 Geomechanics & Geomaterials

12-1636 Geotechnical Engineering

12-1788 NanoManufacturing

12-8085 Systems Science

12-8086 Design of Engineering Material Systems

13-576 Paleo Perspectives on Climate Change

13-1464 Engineering and Systems Design

13-1468 Manufacturing Machines and Equipment

13-1630 Mechanics of Materials

13-1637 Hazard Mitigation and Structural Engineering

13-1639 Sensors and Sensing Systems

13-1786 Manufacturing Enterprise Systems

13-8092 Materials Engineering and Processing

14-7479 Biomechanics and Mechanobiology

Due dates for the following programs have been revised to November 6, 2013

10-1264 Algebra and Number Theory

11-509 Research Experiences for Teachers (RET) in Engineering and Computer Science

11-692 Advanced Technological Education3 4

Due Date for the following program has been revised to November 20, 2013

13-575 Partnerships for Innovation: Accelerating Innovation Research – Technology Translation (note: Requirement for Letter of Intent has been deleted, due date for submission of full proposals is extended until November 20, 2013)

For questions, email the Office of Sponsored Research and Programs.