National Student Employment Week

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The week of April 15 is National Student Employment Week, where each year, colleges and universities across the country recognize the importance of the student work experience.

On behalf of Illinois Institute of Technology, the Student Employment Office (SEO) has planned a full week of activities this year to show appreciation for students working for the university on all of our campuses. Our student employees are valuable and essential to the successful operations at Illinois Tech.

Nominate Your Student or Supervisor

  • Supervisors: Shout-out about how your student employee goes above and beyond in contributing to your department.
  • Students: Shout-out about how working for your supervisor has provided you with new skills and knowledge.

Winners will be selected and prizes will be distributed. We highly encourage you to submit your own quote and nominate a student or supervisor here.

Nominations are due Friday, February 22 by noon. Winners will be announced Friday, April 19.

Student employees, thank you so much for all of your hard work. We really appreciate your effort and this week is meant for you. Your teamwork means everything!

For more information, contact