Nazareth Academy Science Students Learn About Superconductivity from Physics’ Zasadzinski

Three Nazareth Academy seniors are spending time at Illinois Tech this summer to learn about superconductivity.

John Zasadzinski, the Paul and Suzi Schutt Endowed Chair in Science and professor of physics, is hosting Robert Irigoyen, Meghan McGarry, and Evangelina Gutierrez for two weeks, splitting time between classroom and lab.

All three students intend to study science or engineering in college: Irigoyen plans to study theoretical physics; McGarry, neurological science; and Gutierrez, industrial engineering.

The development of superconducting materials, which is crucial to improved accelerators, requires interdisciplinary collaboration in accelerator physics and materials science, both areas of research strength at Illinois Tech.DSC_0592 (2).JPG