Networked Systems Tech Talk at Illinois Tech: ‘Building Experimental Systems with Deep Programmability’

Join Assistant Professor Nik Sultana of the Department of Computer Science for another Networked Systems Tech Talk on Thursday, March 16, 2023, at 12:45–1:45 p.m. The online and in-person talk on “Building Experimental Systems with Deep Programmability,” presented by Hyojoon Kim (Research Scholar at Princeton University), is open to anybody at Illinois Tech and at any other universities and research institutes.

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Abstract: Experimental systems research is exciting, with multiple interesting directions to explore. First, one can focus on getting real-world data so that we can study how things work in the wild or even test out new ideas. Or, one can focus on building a networked system that is fundamentally different from the real world, catalyzing innovation. For me, network programmability played an essential role in both directions. In this talk, I will present two networked systems we have built. First, I will present P4Campus, a testbed that helps researchers study their own campus networks and also test new ideas against real production traffic. Next, I will present Pronto, an open-source end-to-end 5G network with deep programmability. I will share our experiences and lessons learned when building these networked systems. Finally, I will share some ideas for future work.

Bio: Hyojoon Kim is a Research Scholar in the Computer Science department at Princeton University, where he works and co-advises students with Jennifer Rexford. Hyojoon received his PhD and MS from Georgia Tech under the supervision of Nick Feamster and his BS from the University of Wisconsin – Madison. His research area includes network measurement, programmable networks, and distributed systems. He publishes in top conferences and journals, including ACM SIGCOMM, IMC, SIGMETRICS, CCR, SOSR, CHI, USENIX NSDI, and PoPETS. Previously, Hyojoon did several research internships at HP Labs in Palo Alto, USA.