Networked Systems Tech Talk at Illinois Tech: “Combinatorial Requirements for Large Scale Experimentation in Computer Networks”, presented by Violet R. Syrotiuk (Associate Professor at Arizona State University)

Everyone at Illinois Tech is welcome to attend a virtual Networked Systems Tech Talk on Friday, April 21, from 12:45–1:45 p.m. The talk, “Combinatorial Requirements for Large Scale Experimentation in Computer Networks,” will be presented by Violet R. Syrotiuk, Associate Professor at Arizona State University. Sign up here.

Abstract: Engineered computer networks play a critical role in our society. These networks have evolved into complex systems with behaviours and characteristics that are beyond the characterizations and predictions possible using traditional approaches of modelling, analysis, and design. While experimentation can be used for many purposes, our interest is in screening experiments to identify the important parameters that significantly impact the measured responses such as throughput and delay. There are assumptions and limitations underlying many approaches to screening. One limitation of most experimental designs is that they do not identify unexpected behaviours resulting from cross-layer interactions. Similarly, in the analysis of the measurements, it is often assumed that the corresponding design is balanced.Overcoming assumptions and limitations based on experimental needs of engineered networks lead to a number of challenging and novel problems in combinatorics, which we discuss, along with results of a large scale screening experiment in w-iLab.t, a wireless network testbed.
Joint work with Charles J. Colbourn, John Stufken, and Yasmeen Akhtar.

Bio: Violet Syrotiuk is an associate professor of computer science and engineering at Arizona State University. Her research interests include MAC protocols for wireless networks, dynamic adaptation of protocols to optimize performance for evolving network conditions, and programmable networks. Her work makes use of mid-scale experimental infrastructure such as the new FABRIC testbed. Dr. Syrotiuk serves on the editorial boards of the COMNET and COMCOM journals, is the Steering Committee Chair of the CNERT Workshop, and is a TPC Co-Chair of IFIP Networking 2023.