New Color Added to 3D Printers

Galvin Library will be adding a new color filament to the 3D printers in our Exploration Space. Since August we’ve been printing models, buildings, keychains, minions, cookie cutters, and more in basic white PLA filament. And while it’s been fun watching what is turned out by the printer, it’s time for options.

In December, we conducted a survey of our users asking for their their color of choice. The results are in and future print jobs will have the option of selecting black or white filament for all your designs and models.

3D printing is available to all IIT students, faculty, and staff on a first-come, first-served basis. The Exploration Space features two 3D printers, a label maker, and button maker. Click here for more information. The Exploration Space is located on Galvin Library’s lower level in the Group Study Suite.