New Course on the Ethics of Intellectual Property This Fall at Shimer

This fall, Shimer College will offer a refreshing look at intellectual property, a persistently contentious issue in our contemporary society and one with a rich history in the development of democratic governments. You can explore this topic in the course Ethics of Intellectual Property, taught by Jim Ulrich. The humanities/social sciences course is three credits and offers the IIT equivalent of Hum 300-level.

Critics of intellectual property rights often know little about the field and those working in the field, in their race to secure and defend their intellectual property, rarely take the time to consider the ethical framework of their efforts. This course addresses foundational issues such as property and rights, situates patents and copyrights within various ethical frameworks, and looks at cases that illustrate uses and abuses of intellectual property.

About the Instructor

With 15 years of experience in Fortune 100 businesses as well as over 20 patents, a trademark, and two music albums, Jim Ulrich will bring his first-hand experience in the industry to the classroom, helping to situate these theoretical and ethical issues in the real world. Jim also teaches Bioethics and science courses at Shimer College.

To register for the course or to request more information, contact the Shimer College Registrar‚Äôs Office at 312.235.3523 or email Jim Ulrich (who is also Shimer’s assistant dean) at Check out the course flyer by clicking here.