New Engineering Entrepreneurship Course Now Available From Armour College of Engineering

In their continued support of creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship at Illinois Institute of Technology, Armour College of Engineering is proud to add to their already existing entrepreneurial courses.

ENGR 598: Technological Entrepreneurship in Drug Development: Pharmaceutical Entrepreneurship, will provide students with the opportunity to work with a real-world, cross-functional team to bring an actual existing project to market. See the full description below.

ENGR 598: Technological Entrepreneurship in Drug Development: Pharmaceutical Entrepreneurship
CRN#19135, 3Cr, Thursdays, 1:50-4:30 p.m., starting the week of  Monday, August 31

This course will give students an understanding of what is involved in technology commercialization, development of a business plan and understand/experience what it is like working for a startup company by working on a real life project. Students from various educational fields (Engineering, Business, Biology, Chemistry, Industrial Technology/Management) are welcome to be a part of a cross functional team that will participate in the National Institute of Health (NIH) Startup Challenge Business Plan Competition. This will be an exciting opportunity for students to understand how to translate an idea to a business and also experience what it is like to work in a startup company in the field of engineering, science, and technology. Students will also gain an understanding of what it takes to bring a drug to the market. Furthermore, students will get the opportunity to obtain guidance on the business from expert advisors from the pharmaceutical industry, entrepreneurs, and venture capitalists.

Course Objectives: 1) Students will need to understand the science and engineering of a technology and then translate to a business, 2) Gain an understanding of what it takes to bring a drug to the market, 3) To have shared learning experience between disciplines including engineering and business, 4) To understand a business plan and prepare a business plan summary for the technology, 5) To develop a two-minute video pitch on the technology.

Pre-Reqs: Permission of the instructor. Graduate students and undergraduate students with senior standing. All students interested in this course are required to submit a short statement (few sentences) expressing why they would like to take the course and what they think would they would benefit from the course.

If you are interested and have an entrepreneurial spirit, submit your request for interest in joining the course to Raja Krishnan at

Note: The electronic syllabus currently available for viewing online is subject to modifications (to be discussed in the first class meeting).