New Format Announced for The Institute of Design Strategy Conference

The goal for the 13th year of the The Institute of Design Strategy Conference on Thursday, May 19 and Friday, May 20 is to build on insights from emerging trends and behaviors we observed in the four preceding Strategy World Tour events in San Francisco, Hong Kong, Mumbai and Detroit. We are bringing some of the drivers of change to the conference. While the high level of speakers and conversation will be the same as before, the format has changed to enable everyone to contribute to the content. The speakers and additional strategists, thinkers, and business leaders will lead focused discussions and work sessions on how the changes we are facing impact specific industries or domains, and how we can apply strategic design-driven approaches to address them.

Illinois Tech students, faculty, and staff can attend the conference for just $150 and alumni can register at a reduced rate using the promotional code STRATALUMNI. The conference will be held at at MATTER, Illinois Tech Institute of Design, IA Collaborative, and Morningstar.

Register here.

During the first morning, provocateurs will challenge us by presenting ideas driving change. These will include the confluence of robotics and AI, the emergence of the maker movement, carrying out sustainable design while world’s middle class grows another billion people, the rise of innovation in China and India, and the trend of applying strategic design to social challenges.

In the afternoon of the first day, creators we will lead small groups in exploring how these provocations will impact industries, services, environments, information, and strategy. The application areas will include broad areas like health, learning, work, the future of food, social innovation, the changing nature of design services, and the role of innovation centers inside organizations. Brief share outs will take place on the second morning.

During the last afternoon, integrators will transform wide-ranging ideas from the previous 36 hours into enlightened insights via on-stage discussions and debates. Integrators will describe early indicators of how design and strategy are changing.