New IIT Faculty for 2012-13 Academic Year

Illinois Institute of Technology welcomes new faculty to the university for the 2012-2013 academic year:

Biomedical Engineering
Bonnie Haferkamp—Senior Lecturer of Biomedical Engineering
Barbara Trommer—Research Professor of Biomedical Engineering

Civil, Architectural, and Architectural Engineering
Lili Du—Assistant Professor of Transportation Engineering
Brent Stephens—Assistant Professor of Architectural Engineering

Chemical and Biological Engineering
Javier Segovia—Visiting Professor of Chemical Engineering
Chang Woo Lee—Visiting Associate Professor of Chemical Engineering

Electrical and Computer Engineering
Zeng John Shen—Grainger Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Ian Brown—Assistant Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Mechanical, Materials, and Aerospace Engineering
Leon Shaw—Professor of Materials Science and Engineering
Seebany Datta-Barua—Assistant Professor of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Applied Mathematics
Mariusz Nieweglowski—Visiting Assistant Professor of Applied Mathematics
John Erickson—Lecturer of Applied Mathematics
Ivan Ginchev Ivanov—Visiting Professor of Applied Mathematics
Jung Yong-Wook—Visiting Professor of Applied Mathematics

Biological and Chemical Sciences
Xiyun Guan—Associate Professor of Chemistry
Charles Krikorian—Senior Lecturer of Biology and Director of Master’s Programs

Computer Science
Bolris Glavic—Assistant Professor of Computer Science

Carly Kocurek—Assistant Professor of Digital Humanities and Media Studies

Social Sciences
Noah Norberg-McClain—Assistant Professor of Sociology
Benjamin Lynerd—Visiting Assistant Professor of Political Science
Rebecca Steffenson—Senior Lecturer of Political Science

Wiel Arets—Professor of Architecture and Dean

Kelly Kazukauskas—Clinical Assistant Professor of Psychology
Arlen Moller—Associate Professor of Psychology
Eric Houston—Assistant Professor of Psychology
Alissa Haedt-Matt—Assistant Professor of Psychology
Mahima Saxena—Visiting Assistant Professor of Psychology

IIT Chicago-Kent College of Law
Heather Harper—Clinical Assistant Professor of Law
Marsha Ross-Jackson—Lecturer and Assistant Dean for Student Professional Development
Todd Haugh—Visiting Assistant Professor of Law
Vinay Harpalani—Visiting Assistant Professor of Law
Valerie Gutmann Koch—Visiting Assistant Professor of Law
Herbert Munsterman—Lecturer of Law and Director of the IPMM Program

IIT Stuart School of Business
Yiwei Fang—Assistant Professor of Finance
Sang Baum Kang—Assistant Professor of Finance
Ram Ramanan—Industry Associate Professor of Environmental Management
Tina Cooper—Senior Lecturer and Assistant Dean
Abagail McWilliams—Visiting Professor of Management and Associate Dean
Michael Rybak—Senior Lecturer of Finance

IIT School of Applied Technology
Alison Fukuchi—Instruction of ESL Programs
Jeremy Hajek—Industry Associate Professor of Information Technology
Robert Hendry—Industry Professor of Information Technology