New Illinois Tech Website

The Office of Marketing and Communications is proud to announce the launch of our university’s newly redesigned website, which will go live on Thursday, December 12. This year-long process was done in collaboration with an outside vendor who specializes in higher education and was able to provide the framework and design for a site focused on improving the online experience for current and future students, faculty, and staff.

In keeping with the key theme of our university’s strategic plan, our students and their success comes first, and it is our hope that this new website provides a more seamless user experience for our entire campus community.

Key features include:

  • Streamlined site structure that features key university priorities (academic and active learning programs, research, admission and aid) on the highest level of navigation
  • Enhanced and robust directories for academic programs, faculty and staff, and news and events that are centralized, easily searchable, and accessible from the university homepage
Top level dirctory
Online directory
  • Unified events, news, and student stories to allow us to tell the university story in a more effective way
The first phase of this project will roll out on December 12. The new site will launch with a brand new top level of navigation focused on recruitment, in addition to fully updated college and academic department sites.

In the coming weeks and months, our team will continue to build out the new site, with the focus turning to institutes, administrative offices, research centers, and research labs. In the meantime, the domain will still exist to house administrative offices and other pages that haven’t been moved to the new site.

The portal site,, will continue to operate as is for current students, faculty, and staff. The university phonebook, which is linked at the top of the directory on the new site, will also continue to exist. You must be on the Illinois Tech network to access the existing university phonebook.

We appreciate everyone who has helped with this project, and ask for your patience with a site that features a variety of new features.

You will receive a follow-up email on December 12 that will help guide you to where you can find specific features for current students, faculty, and staff.