New IPRO Courses Added for the Fall 2015 Semester

IPRO Logo Stacked 9.08Attention juniors and seniors, new Interprofessional Projects (IPRO) Program courses have been added for the fall semester. If you still need to take your first or second IPRO (completion of two IPROs is required to graduate), these might be of interest to you as you consider being part of a rewarding IPRO experience this fall semester.

497-104: The Snow Cruiser Challenge: Inspired

 (See Video)

*** Please note the time and day of the Snow Cruiser Challenge IPRO has changed to Monday evenings ***

Monday nights 6:25-9:05 p.m.

Faculty: Steve Hammond (ID) ( and Tony Bynum (ID) in collaboration with IIT Marketing and Communications


497-106: Reimagining Security, Protecting Our Data

Note that this IPRO section enrollment is by permit only. Students are encouraged to contact the instructor, Professor Jeremy Alexis ( to directly express interest in joining this research project team

Thursday afternoons 1:50-4:30 p.m.

Sponsor: W.W. Grainger, Inc.

Faculty: Jeremy Alexis (ID) ( in consultation with Department of Psychology


497-108: Leveraging Big Data & Analytics for Innovative Access Control Business Opportunities 

Tuesday evenings from 6:25-9:05 p.m.

Sponsor: The Chamberlain Group of Duchossois Industries

Faculty: Carrie Blumenfeld (ID) & Sarah Rigor (ID)

497-307Developing Urban Agriculture Facilities at Imani Village

Thursday evenings from 6:25-9:05 p.m.

Sponsor: Imani Village (Trinity 95th & Cottage Grove Planned Community Development LLC)

Faculty:  Blake Davis (INTM)


497-101New Venture Development & Entrepreneurship

Wednesday evenings from 6:25-9:05 p.m.

Faculty:  Nik Rokop (SSB)


497-107: Developing a Campus News Videography Experience

Tuesday evenings from 6:25-9:05 p.m.

Faculty: JM Downey (ID) (


497-205: Creating (and selling) a Viable Tissue Implant for Human Joints 

Thursday evenings from 5-7:40 p.m.

Sponsor: Forelight, Inc. (University Technology Park) and Matrix Odyssey LLC

Faculty: Joseph Orgel (BIO) (


497-206: Techno-Business User-Application Trends Analysis of US Motor & Transformer Electricity Consumption (A Technological Innovation IPRO Project)

Tuesday afternoons from 1:50-4:30 p.m.

Sponsor: Tempel Steel

Faculty: Phil Lewis (INTM) (


497-208: Innovative Structures (Part 2) 

Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 6:25-7:40 p.m.

Sponsor: Chicago Council of Carpenters, Icynene Spray Foam Products

Faculty: Mark McKinney (ARCH) (


497-212: Synthesizing and Testing Tungsten Carbide-Cobalt Nanomaterials and Investigating Industry Applications and Commercialization Potential 

Monday and Wednesday afternoons from 1:50-3:05 p.m.

Sponsor: National Science Foundation

Faculty: Leon Shaw (MMAE) ( and Bob Anderson (ChBE) (


497-301: Reimagining the STEM Education Experience 

Tuesday afternoons from 1:50- 4:30 p.m.

Sponsor: Motorola Solutions Foundation

Faculty: Susan Camasta (SAT) (


497-304: The Bronzeville Community Challenge 

Monday evenings from 6:25-9:05 p.m.

Faculty: Amanda Geppert (ID) ( and Jodi Houlihan (ID) (


497-305: Community Engagement: Real Projects – Real Stakeholders – Real Solutions 

Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 5-6:15 p.m.

Faculty: Steve Beck (CAEE) (, William Briggs (CAEE) ( and Jim McKay (ARCH) (


497-310: The STEM Education Innovation Challenge

Tuesday afternoons from 1:50-4:30 p.m.

Sponsor: Motorola Solutions Foundation

Faculty: Marilee Bowles-Carey (ID) (


Email Rima Kuprys at with any questions.