“Nietzsche, Racial Health and Racialized Discomfort” Public Lecture – November 16

Plato Poster copyA Shimer College Public Lecture will take place on Monday, November 16 at 3:30 p.m. in the IIT Tower Auditorium, delivered by guest speaker Jacqueline Scott, Loyola University professor of philosophy. The lecture is titled, “Nietzsche, Racial Health and Racialized Discomfort.”

Philosophy is often described as the “art of living” and since racism and radicalized identities are very much a part of our lives here in the United States, philosophers need to take them seriously. In this talk, Scott will propose ways that philosophy (particularly Friedrich Nietzsche) can and should inform the fight against racism and/or healthier radicalized identities. Scott will argue that approaching both through the lens of “effortful agon” will be a fruitful endeavor.

This event reflects the values expressed in IIT’s Diversity Statement and is intended to promote diversity at Illinois Tech.